Mar 01

Research Paper Due Dates

1.  Subject and Thesis Statement:  March 1 and March 2

2. Note Cards (5) and Sources (2 books and 3 Internet) :  March 7 and March 8

3.  Outline:  March 15 and March 16

4.  Rough Draft:  March 21 and March 22

5.  Final Draft:  March 27 and March 28

Nov 15

Canterbury Tales Project

Your Canterbury Tales Projects will be due on 11/30/2011 and 12/1/2011.  Please work on these projects and be very creative.  The more creative you are, the better your grade will be.  :)

Oct 11

Anglo-Saxon Test

Will be on Tuesday, October 18th and Wednesday, October 19th.

7th Block will be on Wednesday.

Oct 07

Message from the Principal


 The school counselors at King’s Fork High School will have extended office hours on Tuesday, October 11th from 4 – 6 p.m.  Counselors will be available by appointment only to discuss your student’s needs.  Please call 923-5240 and ask for your child’s counselor to make an appointment.  Based on your child’s last name, the counselors are:

 Mrs. Eberwine A-E

Mrs. Coley, F-K and all IB

Mr. Baxter, L-R

Mrs. Jerlin, S-Z

Sep 28

Homecoming Week “Days”

Monday:  Nerd Day                   Tuesday:  Twin Day                        Wednesday:  Decade Day                             Thursday:  Character Day                    Friday:  Spirit Day (Maroon)

Sep 28

Message from our Principal

Hello Bulldog Parents! 

It doesn’t seem like it, but Homecoming is just three weeks away.  Last year, we started a new thing for homecoming here at KF… a parade at half time.  It was our first.  In order for this years’ parade to be a success we need your help.  If you own a convertible that you would be willing to drive in our homecoming parade on October 14th please contact Randy Jessee, Activities Director, at 923-5240.  We need 10 cars that will hold two students riding on the back, parade style.  So far we have a loose commitment for three.  We’d like to have everything firmly lined up by October 5th if possible.  If you can help us with this project, please do.  It will be a special night for all of our students.

Sep 06

Welcome Seniors!!!

Summer Reading Due Dates:  9/20(O) and 9/21 ( E)

Hello to all of new Seniors!!

I hope you had a nice summer, but now it is time to buckle down and get back to work.  This year is going to fly by and you will walking across the stage before you know it.

The supplies you will need for my class are pens, pencils, college-ruled paper, a three subject binder or dividers, and a flash drive.  You will have three different sections of notes for my class:  Literature, Grammar, and SAT Vocabulary. 

Classroom instruction and practice, essential to building a strong foundation, cannot be made up; therefore, regular attendance is extremely important.  While after school sessions are offered, the classroom experience cannot be duplicated.  If, for any reason, attendance becomes a problem for you, a conference will be recommended. The school number is 757-923-5240.

 If you are absent, you have five (5) days (NOT CLASS DAYS) to make up the work missed.  Make up work is done before or after school, not during class.  If a quiz/test is announced ahead of time and you miss the review the day before, you are still required to take the quiz/test!  You are responsible for finding out what work you have missed and making it up.  Be responsible.  Get the telephone numbers of at least two classmates so you can get assignments.  Also, check my class blog for assignment schedules, tests, and quizzes.

If you are: (1) doing your homework, (2) studying at home and (3) paying attention in class, but do not understand, PLEASE see me for help.  Do not be afraid to ask.  I want everyone to succeed and will be open to your concerns. Before and after school times for help/questions will be posted.  Schedule your time wisely and do not wait until the last minute.

I look forward to an educational and fun school year!!