Relay for Life Information and Joining our Team

Join our Realy for Life FGMS Team

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Protected: Student Survey

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New Log-in for Textbook

Student and Parent Address

  • Username   Suffolk (case sensitive, need capital S)
  • Password    23439
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Study Island


We have Study Island for US History, Math 6 and Reading.

Students have logged in and have started working. They are welcome to work on assignments at home. Just visit

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Amazing Images from 2013

White House Pictures of 2013

2_14_20134_1_2013 3_12_2013 5_16_2013 8_30_2013


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End of the 9 Weeks

The 1st 9 weeks if very quickly coming to an end. All US.2-6 Assignments are due 10/25 (including missing work)

US History Benchmark 10/30 – US. 4e-6d Review 2c, 3b, 4c

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Positive Stress

“If the stress is Positive, like a really hard class at school, explain how learning stress can help their brain grow new neurons and make them smarter. Teach them breathing exercises to calm their nerves.”  Parent Resource Center


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Quiz Corrections

Instructions:  For ONLY the questions you missed on Notebook Paper:

  • Write out the full question
  • Write out the correct answer
  • Use your INB for answers – this is to help you understand more about the questions you missed.
  • Staple the corrections
  • Turn it in the next day.

I will average the 2 grades together for a new grade.  Example: if you scored an 80% and made corrections and scored a 100%, your average will be a 90%.

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If students already have a 2nd binder for when their 1st one breaks, please have them leave it at home or in their lockers.

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Supplies Needed for US History II

  • 3″ Binder (Sam’s Club has a bundle of notebooks, could get with another family and share the cost. – Also, some of the Office stores will guarantee their binders and replace them when they fall apart.)
  • Notebook paper
  • 9 section dividers (plastic with pockets work best)
  • sheet protectors – 200
  • pencils/erasers
  • glue sticks (will be collected for collective usage)
  • colored pencils
  • markers (no sharpies)
  • jump drive/flash drive (Buy in Bulk to save money – Get with another family and split the cost)
  • head phones/ear buds (Dollar Tree)
  • index cards (will be collected for collective usage)
  • pens – multi-colored
  • slide zip quart and gallon bags (great for review game creations)
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