Upcoming events




Our Grinch Party will be on Dec. 19th. WE will need help decorating the room the evening prior to the event.


Don’t forget to try to dress you child up as a “whoo”, or one of the characters to make it an even more exciting day!



7 Responses to Upcoming events

  1. makayla haorsman says:

    cant wait for fall festial

  2. olivia stafford says:

    can you tell me about my AR please

  3. danielle kroll says:

    hi mrs crowell me and my dad just finished the who house blue print cant wait for you to see it have a nice night

    danielle kroll

  4. Kimberly Crowell says:

    I’m excited to see it Danielle!

  5. Hadyn Stowe says:

    Wow, this goes back till 2012… Cool! 🙂

  6. Faith Cross says:

    Cool background picture Mrs.Crowell

  7. Faith Cross says:

    Hi Mrs.Crowell just wanted to know if I can make my own Hoovile character named Foo
    tidley Croo

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