week of May29- June 1



Tues: Read for  20 min.

Wed: Read for 20 min.

Thurs.:Read for 30 min




Tues:worksheet 1-5

Wed:Study for SOL test tomorrow




Tues: What is a capital resource?

Wed:  none





Wed. : none

Thurs.: none


None this week.





135 Responses to Homework

  1. Kimberly Crowell says:

    It says no spelling this week. That’s because there are no spelling words this week.

  2. Hadyn Stowe says:

    I asked my mom what a water shed was and she said she didn’t know! Thanks for teaching me these things. I love school!

  3. makiya says:

    you’re the best

  4. makiya says:

    you’re the best
    love you

  5. Kimberly Crowell says:

    Thank you sweetie!

  6. makiya says:

    I will turn in my homework

  7. Jake says:

    Hey Mrs.Crowell your the best .I love having you .And I really look forward to this school year.

  8. Jacob Callis says:

    Hey Mrs.Cromwell I really look forward to having you this year.

  9. Makiya says:

    I’m reading right now mrs.crowell

  10. cain hyde says:

    hi mrs.Crowell I just got dun with home work.Best teacher EVER.

  11. ava says:

    Hi i’m now at Oakland because i moved.

  12. Kimberly Crowell says:

    I know you’ll do great there! I miss seeing you!

  13. Shannon Gray says:

    Mrs crowell are we supposed to do 9x and 3x 3 times this is Khari

  14. Kimberly Crowell says:

    9s 3 times each.. 9×0=0 9×0= 0 9×0=0

  15. Shannon Gray says:

    Mrs crowell im reading right now and I’m finished my homework!

  16. Mila Jagessar says:

    You make learning fun……..Mila

  17. tazzenna says:

    you are the best teacher ever

  18. Kimberly Crowell says:

    Thank you kiddo; you are too kind!

  19. Albree Ackiss says:

    hello mrs.crowell it’s albree

  20. Kimberly Crowell says:

    Hi Albree!

  21. khari says:

    Hi mrs.
    crowell i did my homwork

  22. Ariel Blackburn says:

    Ms. crowell I am working on my homework.Hope you are having a good evening.

  23. Ariel Blackburn says:

    love you

  24. Luke says:

    I needed it!!

  25. Albree says:

    I did all my homework

  26. Ariel Blackburn says:

    ms.crowell I am feeling a little better.Have a good evening

  27. Ariel Blackburn says:

    Ms.Crowell I do not have my history rview page or my math workbook!!!!Can I do them tomarow??

  28. Tracy Pouncie says:

    Hi Mrs Crowell your the best teacher ever 🙉😄😜😇😋😎

  29. Kimberly Crowell says:

    thank you!

  30. Latron says:

    Can u update the blog

  31. Kimberly Crowell says:

    The blog was updated by 3:30 on Monday.

  32. Hi I did my homework 🙂 woohoo

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