AR….Are you reading?

Β AR has officially started! All it can do is help you!! Let’s read!!

13 Responses to AR….Are you reading?

  1. danielle kroll says:

    there sould be more then 6 people up there we better get reading

  2. Kimberly Crowell says:

    I agree Danielle!!

  3. makayla haorsman says:

    Mrs.crowell can you tell me my goal beacuse I
    dont know and what is the goal I have to reach ? ????????

  4. Kimberly Crowell says:

    I will send you your goal if I can look it up from home.

  5. makayla haorsman says:

    Ok thanks Mrs.Crowell the reason im not at school today is because im sick

  6. meghan (; says:

    im more than halfway through a lemony snicket once I take the test I will be at 55% (:

  7. Kimberly Crowell says:


  8. Julie jones says:

    I do read πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Julie jones says:

    I am more then halfway through πŸ™‚ read READ πŸ™‚

  10. makiya says:

    I read mrs. crowell

  11. Ariel Blackburn says:

    ms.crowell I read a lot now that I did not meet my goal last 9 weeks

  12. Heavan says:

    Hi Mrs crowell can you send mey goal

  13. Kimberly Crowell says:

    They haven’t been reset yet, but I will do it.

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