Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back to School!  I am excited to start the 2011-2012 school year at Kilby Shores Elementary!  As you enter second grade, you probably have a lot of mixed emotions. This is totally normal.  I can reassure you that I have similar emotions as well.  I am scared of the unknown, I am excited about what is to come, and I am nervous about the first day of school.  After the first day, I hope that most of these emotions go away and we will be left with excitement. 

We will be learning about all kinds of neat topics this year.  As an example, we will learn about matter,  famous Americans, continents and oceans, fractions,, decimals, increase reading comprehension and fluency, and many, many more topics.     I do not like to say tests, I refer to testing as “show what you know.”  You will know lots of information, you just have to show people what it is that you do know.

With that said, I look forward to working with you and it will be an exciting year!  Again, WELCOME BACK and to WELCOME TO SECOND GRADE!!!!