October 8, 2018

I’ve had a few questions about the grading scale in kindergarten.   The scale was listed on the ‘at a glance’ sheet you received before school started but that seems like a lifetime ago!  Sorry for the confusion:

M=mastery (90%- 100%)
P=progressing (70%-89%)
NI=needs improvement (below 70%)
Please note that in kindergarten we do not average grades but rather continually assess (formally and informally) and when mastery is reached- that grade is recorded.
In the coming weeks, and throughout the year,  we will complete graphs involving taste tests with various candy.  I am aware of allergies in my class as the nurse passes on that information. However, if you have any other concerns about the candy- please let me know.  The students will only have 1 piece of each type.
Thank you for everything.  I hope everyone can make it tomorrow night for our Title 1 night at 6:30.
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