January 29, 2018

Hello everyone!  Here is the schedule for snow make up days.  February 2nd is an early release day for students.  Since parent/teacher conference day had to be used for snow- I will be scheduling conferences on an as needed basis.  Please contact me if you have a concern and would like to schedule a conference.  We also missed additional days after January 10th and those days will be made up by adding 10 minutes on to the instructional day starting February 5th. Thank you!

Days Missed MakeUp Days Type of Day was…
1-4-18 (Thurs) NA Covered by the extra day built into the calendar
1-5-18 (Fri) 1-29-18 (Mon) Clerical Day
1-8-18 (Mon) 2-16-18 (Fri) Parent Teacher Conference Day
1-9-18 (Tues) 2-19-18 (Mon) President’s Day
1-10-18 (Wed) 3-6-18 (Tues) Professional Development Day
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September 18

Hello everyone!  Can you believe the kids already have two weeks under their belts?  They are learning very quickly.  You may have noticed that they are no longer wearing their bus tags home.  Kudos to them and their bus drivers for learning their buses so quickly!

I hope you saw the September study guide come home.  I hope you have read it and tried some of the suggestions.  I will drop any important notices in that page protector.  If you took your’s out – I can replace it.  Please remember to check their folder daily for a behavior update. G=green  Y=yellow and R=red.  I’ve been very pleased with behavior so far.  🙂
This week, I will not be eating in the cafeteria with the children.  They will be monitored by teacher assistants.  It is difficult for us to know if you would like your child to buy ice cream at lunch.  If you DO NOT want them to have ice cream please let me – and your child- know. Many parents allow their child to buy a treat once a week and that usually works out well.
As always, please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any concerns at all.  Thanks for reading!
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September 5 – 8 2017

Welcome to kindergarten!  I am so happy to welcome all of you and to get to know your family.  Please remember that if you need to change your child’s bus plan, the school must be notified.

I am looking forward to a great year!

Bridget Dennis

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