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Edmodo is currently down, so below are the descriptions of each of you project choices. Open each document and choose one project to complete. You will only have this week in class to work on these projects – they are due before break, so you will have to finish them at home. Do NOT choose a project that requires a computer and internet access to complete if you do not have these resources at home. Some projects are independent in nature and some of them allow for you to work in groups to complete, as indicated in the descriptions of each.

Persuasive Essay

Newspaper Publishing

Music Video  (Example Poem)

Graphic Novel

FAUXBOOK   (Fauxbook Template)

Creative Writing

Character Cards


Read The General Prologue at the following link:


Then download the document below and answer the questions:

The Canterbury Tales – Prologue Questions

Play the following review games to prepare for your test:

SOL 8.5

Connotation Quiz

Multiple-Choice Dictionary Skills

Cognate Quiz

SOL 8.6 Review #1

SOL 8.6 Review #2

SOL 8.5 Review

Identifying Figurative Language

Analyzing Figurative Language

SOL 8.6 Review #3


Before getting started on the review modules in the Virtual Courses, please complete the student survey at the link below:


Today you will practice for the SOL Reading Exam by completing several modules available in the Virtual Courses. Click the “Virtual Courses” tab at the top of this page, log in to your class, go to fourth nine weeks, and complete the following modules (listed under #2 – SOL Reading Exam Review Modules) IN ORDER:

Remember to READ ALL FEEDBACK – you may redo any of the modules to try to improve your grade. Read all the feedback given on your answers so that you will know what makes the correct answer correct and what makes the incorrect answer incorrect – then you won’t make the same mistake twice.

Have fun and good luck!

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