“Creekside Elementary School”


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  1. terrell says:

    is this fun

  2. Frieda Cason says:

    Great Site

  3. terrell says:

    this is a great site ms cason

  4. tamia says:

    it is a great site

  5. angelina garces says:

    this fun

  6. terrell says:

    what a great blog

  7. Frieda Cason says:

    Thank, enjoy learning!

  8. Frieda Cason says:

    Enjoy learning!

  9. Frieda Cason says:

    Enjoy learning!

  10. terrell says:

    the best blog ever!

  11. tamia says:

    hey you guys how you doin

  12. terrell says:

    Angelina said on abcya tamia ate a candy cane

  13. Frieda Cason says:

    I am glad you love this site. Enjoy learning!

  14. Frieda Cason says:

    I hope you are enjoying this site.

  15. Frieda Cason says:

    I am glad that you like this blog.

  16. Frieda Cason says:


  17. terell is funny haha ha

  18. angelina garces says:

    I love this blog

  19. terrell says:

    I love this blog so much love it Angelina damario tamia and mrs cason

  20. terrell says:

    what I miss muffins with mom those muffins are little and those water bottles are little ms.cason damarion Angelina taima

  21. Frieda Cason says:

    They muffins were delicious! The mom’s and students enjoyed them. They also learned a lot of valuable reading information to help their children at home.

  22. Frieda Cason says:

    What is the question?

  23. Frieda Cason says:

    Thank you

  24. Frieda Cason says:

    Happy Learning!!

  25. Frieda Cason says:


  26. Frieda Cason says:

    Thank you. Happy learning!

  27. Damarion says:

    big muffins with mom are good and donuts with daddy

  28. This is very fun and makes learning more fun

  29. This is very fun and makes learning more fun than it already is.

  30. terrell says:

    I always be on reading blog on every computer how about you guys

  31. Frieda Cason says:

    Happy that you are learning!

  32. Frieda Cason says:

    Happy that you like the blog!

  33. Frieda Cason says:

    Glad that you are reading!

  34. Frieda Cason says:

    I hoped you enjoyed Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad.

  35. Terrell says:

    Ms Cason what school do you work at or is you still at mack benn Jr elementary school I am I am in fourth grade in Mrs kerns and santora class my homeroom teacher is Mrs kerns

  36. Frieda Cason says:

    I am now working at Creekside Elementary School. Please continue to use the BLOG. Have a Great Year!

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