Student Websites

September 2, 2011


Our students are extremely proud about participating in the KFHS program.  Some of our students have began to develop Facebook pages to communicate with other band students.  Please encourage your children to keep all of their conversations professional and positive.  Students of the KFHS Band are expected to maintain professionalism in and outside the band room. Parents, please also monitor these sites for Adults who may be posting information on your child’s site.  It is important that we allow these sites to be maintained for the students and not for Adult comments.  As adults, it is imperative that we set a positive example for our children.  Please do not post any comments on these pages.  Parents are asked to make note of adults who may be posting comments on these type of sites.  Students are asked not to respond to adults who post comments.

Band Information Sources

July 17, 2011

Parents/Guardians, and students:

Throughout the year information will be disseminated through the band blog, emails, as well as through letters home to provide updated information about the band.  There are are additional blogs and Facebook  updates that are providing information as well.  The King’s Fork High School Band does not recognize these additional sources for example: *King’s Fork Drumline-D Phi D*           Face Book page as an accurate depiction of our program.  This particular site is run by an adult outside of our organization and does not reflect the positive or highest traditions of our program. The most accurate and up to date sources for the King’s Fork Band can be found on our Band Blog, emails from Band Boosters, as well as the letters that will be sent home throughout the season.