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Newsletter for week of 5-13-19

Posted by: Cynthia Martie | May 11, 2019 | No Comment |

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our annual Field Day is on June 7. Each grade level has been assigned a color to wear. We will be wearing YELLOW t-shirts. IF you have a t-shirt that is primarily yellow but has graphics that will be fine. If you want to purchase a yellow shirt, Michaels has them for $3.33 online on sale from $3.99. The North Suffolk Walmart had v neck yellow shirts in the boys’ dept. for $3.47. I do have a FEW yellow shirts I’ve collected over the years to loan for that day if necessary. Please let me know if you will need to “borrow” one from me.

We will work on the following skills in Reading this week:
• Conflict/Resolution, text features
• Suffixes –ness, -less

In Science this week, the students will continue learning about plants and their products.

This week in Math the students will learn about symmetry. We will also continue to work on 2-digit addition and subtraction. This is a very difficult skill for 2nd graders so any extra help that you can provide at home would be greatly appreciated!

In Social Studies this week we will begin learning about The Lakota First American Group from the Plains.

Mrs. Cindy Martie


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