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Newsletter for week of 3-4-19

Posted by: Cynthia Martie | March 3, 2019 | No Comment |

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I have sent a link to our science book online with log in instructions in your email newsletter. Click on the Grade 2 with audio book (A little microphone is on it.) and the site will read the selection aloud to your student as he/she reads to themselves.

We will work on the following skills in Reading this week:
• Main Idea in non-fiction
• diphthongs ou, ow, oi, oy

In Science this week, the students will begin learning about Living Systems.This is Chapter 5, How to Survive, in the online book.

This week in Math the students will finish working with money and begin the unit on measurement. Some students are still struggling with adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers with “carrying” and “borrowing”. This is a very difficult skill for 2nd graders so any extra help that you can provide at home would be greatly appreciated!

In Social Studies this week the students will take a test on Wednesday over the Important People and Holidays they’ve been reading about.

Mrs. Cindy Martie


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