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Newsletter week of 10-30-17

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Dear Parents and Guardians,


This is the last full week of the 1st Marking Period.  I will be taking grades through Monday 11-6-17.

Please check that your student is doing their homework.

Important things to know about homework are:

  • Please make sure your child reads TO you every night. They can check out books on Wednesday during library. However, if they need a new one before then, they can go before school.
  • The spelling words are part of the reading skills for that week so please check that they are doing one menu item nightly and returning the assignment to school every day.
  •  I will send home a reading passage that your child needs to read to you nightly. There is 1 question to answer per day. Please sign and return these to me on Friday.
  • On the weeks that your child has word sorts in the zipper pouch in the front of the binder, please make sure they practice nightly.  They would normally have these weekly, but I won’t assign them for a sub.


We will work on the following skills in Reading this nine weeks:

  • Use consonants, consonant blends, and consonant digraphs to decode words.
  • Use knowledge of short, long, and r-controlled vowel patterns to decode and spell words.
  • Use information in the story to read words.
  • Use knowledge of sentence structure.
  • Use knowledge of story structure and sequence.
  • Reread and self-correct
  • Use vocabulary from other content areas.
  • Ask and answer questions about what is read in fiction and nonfiction.
  • Locate information to answer questions.
  • Describe characters, setting, and important events in fiction and poetry.
  • Identify main idea in fiction and nonfiction.
  • Summarize stories and events with beginning middle, and end in the correct sequence.
  • Draw conclusions based on text.


In Science this week, we will continue the unit on Matter with a test on Friday.

This week in Math we will work on equality and continue to review all skills taught.  In Social Studies the students will work on basic map skills with a map quiz on Wed. and Benchmark test on Thurs. Â



Mrs. Cindy Martie


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