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Mr. Plude

World History I

Nansemond River High School

 Welcome to Mr. Plude’s Pages

I use this site mainly as a location to post assignments for the course.  Students or parents may download these documents in the event a student needs a copy of the assignment.  Along with the assignments there is a page for SOL vocabulary terms which we will be working on throughout the year.  I will supply each student with one paper copy of all assignments and the SOL vocabulary list.  In the event a student misplaces or loses any of the documents they will need to utilize these pages to get a copy as I only have printed one copy per student.


My preferred method of communication for routine communication is through e-mail.  I am usually able to respond to my e-mail on the same day.  If you feel you need to speak to me please use the phone number that is provided on my regular e-mails.  This number will also be found inside the front cover of a students textbook.  It is much easier to use this number after school hours up until 8:00p.m..  During school hours I’m usually unable to take a call as I am in class.

Course Description

This was supplied to each student at the beginning of the year.  Please use this link to obtain another copy.

Course Description

 Quiz & Test Prep –

Quizlet is an excellent resource for the study of vocabulary not only for history but for any course that is vocabulary driven.  I highly recommend that you investigate this site thoroughly.  It can be an invaluable resource for almost any course at any grade level.  From SAT prep down to kindergarten.

All course quizzes and tests will have a vocabulary section as part of the test.  I have established a presence at as a study guide.  The above link will lead to the pages that contain the reviews for all quizzes in the course.  Be sure to click the box “alphabetical” found mid page right to put the files in the order in which they are taught.

Pages are grouped by “class” and I have established classes for the review of SOL Vocabulary.  I am also experimenting with putting multiple choice review questions for the SOL onto flash cards.

SOL Review –

Some resources are found on this site such as the vocabulary lists but most are linked to this page.

SOL review questions can be found at by following the directions below.

The web site requires that users find their teachers name on the site.  Due to space limitations I had to create two pages.  One under Mr. Plude and the other under Mrs. Harrell.  The reviews are divided between the two.  Mrs. Harrell’s page contains the larger overall SOL reviews.

Users must use a password to open the practice quizzes.  They are located on the homework page of the web site.

The pass word is:  da vinci for both sites.

The website link is look for a blue box on the left to link to the homework page.  When an attempt to open one of the practices the page will ask for the pass word.

Please let me know how this works or problems you may encounter.

A link is also provided in the links portion of this page



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