The STEM program at Forest Glen Middle School is taught by Debra Shapiro, DTE. She brings thirty two years of teaching experience of which twenty six and a half are at the middle school level in Suffolk Public Schools. Mrs. Shapiro strives to help each of her students succeed within the STEM program using a variety of instructional strategies and making sure that each student knows that they are an important part of her classroom.

Mrs. Shapiro believes that rules are to be followed to be sure that everyone is safe. If you don’t follow the rules, be prepared to face the consequences.  Because of what she teaches and how she teaches it is important that everyone is following the rules and doing what they are supposed to be doing! She expects the best that can be given and gives her best in return. She knows that she and her students are human and everyone makes mistakes. The key is to learn from the mistakes that they make! She treats the students as  human beings, and the way that she would want her child treated in the classroom.

She enjoys teaching and loves the moment of “AHA”!

Outside of school Mrs. Shapiro enjoys traveling with her husband and their son. Her travels allow her to indulge in some of her personal interest of reading, photography, and motorcycling. She is also involved with her professional organizations, the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA), of which she is a past Region 1 Director on their Board of Directors team and the Virginia Technology and Engineering Education Association (VTEEA), of which she is a past president and currently the ITEEA Affiliate Representative. She has served as the Awards Committee Chair, Electronics Communications Committee Chair, Resolutions Committee Chair, Scholarship Committee Chair, Publications Editor,  President Elect, President (2 terms) and Immediate Past President. When home with down time she also enjoys watching hockey, football, and baseball.

Go Penguins! Go Hawkeyes! Go Steelers! Go Cubs!!!

Yes, she does bleed Black and Gold with a little All American Red, White, and Blue!