Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are an integral part of today’s world, which grows out of a need for and involves the systematic study of the application of knowledge, creativity, and resources to solve problems and extend human potential. Technology has changed and will continue to change society. Complex social issues have evolved from technological developments. Citizens must be prepared to understand technological innovation, the productivity of technology, the impact of technology on the quality of life, and the need for critical evaluation of social changes resulting from technological advantages.

Further, each person has the potential for reasoning and problem solving, imagining and creating, and for constructing and expressing through the use of tools and materials. From this contribution of resources and ingenuity technology develops. Students experience the excitement of discovery and the sense of accomplishment through hands-on applications. Experience and application-based instruction are encouraged and emphasized. The mission of the FGMS STEM program is to ensure that citizens are prepared to live in and contribute to a competitive and technologically based society. This mission, however, must be amplified by goals that lead to the development of technologically literate people. Consistent with their abilities, interests, and education program will achieve the following goals:

  • Comprehend the dynamics of technology, including its development, impact, and potential.
  • Employ the technological process of problem solving, creating, and designing.
  • Analyze the behavior of technological systems and sub-systems, including the tools, materials, processes, energy, information, and people involved in systems.
  • Apply scientific principles, engineering concepts, and technological systems in the processes of technology.
  • Discover and develop personal interests and abilities related to a wide variety of technology-oriented careers.

Summer/Fall Cleaning

If you happen to be doing some cleaning and find any of the following items you would like to get rid of, we can use them in my Technological Systems classes. Thank you in advance! deb shapiro   Unit Materials List Tools List Communication Construction paper various colors and sizes Markers, colored pencils, or crayons …

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Class Supplies

Just want to update everyone on our class supply list: Composition Notebook 2 Pens (2 different colors)   Positive Work Ethic includes coming to class prepared to do your work!

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