Step Team Performance Dates

Mr. Mclemore has approved for the Step Team to perform at the following Varsity Games:

12/11/09 – Girls vs Oscar Smith

12/22/09 – Boys vs Hickory High

1/8/10 – Girls vs Great Bridge

1/15/10 – Boys vs Grassfield

1/21/10 – Girls vs Kings Fork

1/29/10 – Boys vs Indian Review

2/5/10 – Boys vs Great Bridge


Team Mom Contact Information

Mrs. Marlene Bevel (T’keyah’s mom) has graciously volunteered to be our team mom.  Her home contact number is 686-1061.


Skill Support 3 part assignment

Students are or should be working on a 3 part assignment.  They are to write either a story, poem or song.  The topic is “Remember when…”.  They can write about any memory they have.  The first part of the assignment, which will be a classwork grade, is to complete a pre-writing activity of their choice.  The second part of ths assignment is the rough draft, which will be a quiz grade.  The third part of the assignment is the final draft, which will be a test grade.  Each piece builds to the final draft, therefore, I need to see each piece before moving to the next part of the assignment.  The due date for Block 2 students is December 7 and the for Block 3 December 4. All of the students received this assignment last week.  Therefore, I will not accept any late assignments, unless the student is absent from school and then they must find me the day they return and give me the assignment.  I can be found either in Room 106 in the morning and during blocks 1, 4 and 5.  I am in Room 105 during block 2, and in 125 during block 3.  Any questions, please let me know!


Step Team Update….

Hello everyone!  Our first performance is coming up and the team is getting excited.  We will perform this season at the home varsity boy’s basketball game during half time.  We will perform at a majority of the games, but there are a few dates we will not.  I will get a comprehensive schedule out as soon as I can.  In the meantime, our first game is December 4, 2009 when the Warriors take on the Cavaliers.  I am asking that the team arrive by 5:30 p.m.  This game has a history of selling out, and while the game does not start until 7:30, I need to make sure they have a place to sit in the stands and all are accounted for.  If your student cannot make it at that time, please let me know.

The team decided to wear black shoes, dark jeans and an airbrushed shirt.  The team managers have been coordinating the shirts, which I understand have been put in to be completed.  The shirts are due to be picked up on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 and will come home with the team on Thursday. The team managers have done a wonderful job in organizing this; however, if you have a question or an issue, please feel free to email or call me and I will be glad to discuss it with you. I do know the shirts cost $6 and the airbrushing cost $30.

We will be competing with the Step Royale Competitions.  While the first one is being advertised on the radio as December 5th, our team will not compete until the January 23rd competition.  I will have more information on that to you as soon as possible. What I do know is that it is tentatively set for January 23rd at Lake Taylor High School beginning at 1:00 p.m.  There is no cost for the students nor those who wish to come out and support us.

If you need to speak with me, please feel free to email me at or call me at school and leave me a message.  The school number is 923-4101.


Skill Support Information

Students are working hard to complete tests, quizzes and projects.  Please remember, if you have no homework, classwork or quizzes or tests to complete, you must bring a book to read!!!!  We will be writing an end of quarter paper beginning the week of October 26th, which will include your choice of a creating a project either on a posterboard or by making a food item to share.


Step Team Information

Practices will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Please dress according to the weather – if it is raining, we will be indoors.  If not, we will be outdoors.  You must be dressed and at practice site by 2:30.  Anyone who is going to get a ride home, the ride needs to arrive by 4:25.  If not, you may end up going home on a bus.  As soon as competition dates are known, I will pass it along.


Hello world!

Welcome all to the 2009-2010 School Year.  I am excited to join the family here at Nansemond River.   We will be working hard in the skill support class to make sure your student stays caught up with the assigned work.