Oct 31 2016

Latin II Story

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Halloween Story – a-grateful-ghost

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Sep 21 2016

Latin III 9/21

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Punic War video I – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbBHk_zLTmY.

You can find the rest from this one……. :)

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Sep 07 2016

DC Text

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For right now, we’re going to use the Give Me Liberty textbook.  https://ushistory151.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/0393934306liberty.pdf

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Jul 14 2016

D.C. History Summer Reading

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Hope you guys are having a great summer!!! For those of you who did not pick up the material…..

The book is Alan Taylor’s Colonial America: A Very Short Introduction ISBN – 978-0-19-976623-9

Here is the assignment – DC Summer Reading 2016, and the maps you need – DC Summer Read. Maps

I’ve also created a Remind page.  Here is the information to sign up – DC History Remind


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Jun 01 2016

SOL Tutoring

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Drawing conclusions.  Click on the Post Test towards the bottom. Drawing Conclusions

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May 18 2016

VA/US History

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Apr 29 2016

Latin II

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Study vocab for Lesson XLVII

Study 3rd declension regular & 3rd neuter endings

Study 3rd declension adjective endings

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