Great article discussing the reality of income redistribution.

Extra Credit! Due January 21st! No Exceptions!

Be sure to follow all the directions in the following link:

Extra Credit

The State of U.S. Politics and America’s Future

Wall Street Journal article on opportunity of our next generations

AP students: good article on lobbying for future reference

A must read to really understand Washington politics!

AP students for Tuesday, Dec. 17th

Read and complete a write-up for the following article due Tuesday, Dec. 17th.

Two good econ articles on stimulus spending! You know! Magic money!

Another good opinion piece on the ‘nuclear option’ written by a former Democratic strategist for Jimmy Carter

Big Senate News! AP also read for Monday!

AP Homework for Monday, 11/25/2013

Study for Chapter 7 Quiz- Read following article and be prepared to discuss:

-Go to links on this homepage to & and look up our representatives’ webpages and then, typed or on a piece of paper, tell me: Names, political affiliation, how long they have served, committees that they serve on, and a significant piece of legislation that they are working on.

Young AP students! Read only! Will discuss Tues. 11/19/13

Read following article!  Only do writeup for ethanol article!,9171,2157491,00.html

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