Welcome to an exciting year of teaching and learning at Nansemond Parkway ES; home of the Indian Braves!  Every day is an awesome day for learning.  Your teachers are working diligently preparing quality instruction for all students. I encourage our Nansemond Family to visit our website for coming events.

Nansemond Parkway ES

3012 Nansemond Parkway, Suffolk, VA 23434

Phone: (757) 923-4167     Fax: (757) 538-5415

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Letting Kids Be Kids

We all know them, don’t we? “Those” parents – the ones no one wants to sit with in the bleachers because they’re so irritating. Recognize any of these folks? A young basketball coach has to call his own father for advice after he struggles with a “bleacher dad” who persists in coaching his son from …

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School-Parent Collaboration: A Labor of Love

Just take a deep breath. Relax. That’s it. Notice the warmth of your skin. Feel the sense of calm and peacefulness growing inside your mind. You are now relaxed, calm and ready to face new challenges. This little article is about such a challenge: collaborating with the school with the goal of improving your child’s …

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