You can find the take home test on the link at the top of the blog.  Click on the page and find the link.


We started our work on triangles today.  If you were absent from Block 1 or 7 you can find the notes at this website

I hope you are excited about the possibilities of expanding your knowledge of geometry this year.  In order to start the year prepared I’m listing your required supplies below.  If you have any questions about the list of supplies or about your new geometry class you can reach me at my email address:  See you next week.  Mrs. Ezzell

Supplies for Geometry

3 Ring Binder (2″)

1 pack of dividers

Loose leaf paper

Pencils or pens with erasers

Colored Pencils


Graph or grid paper

3×5 cards

Protractor, ruler, and compass

Supplies for Home (do not bring to school)

Calculator (does not need to be graphing calculator – you could use the one on your computer.  This is    just a little help on homework)