Benchmarks this Week!

Benchmark testing for English will be this week.  We have reviewed and the students can go to IXL and practice their reading skills.  Monday will be the writing benchmark.  Friday and Monday November 5 will be the reading benchmark.  I am giving the reading last so the students can practice their skills and review a little more.  The reading a is a little harder in middle school and the students must read the passages completely to answer the questions.  


The students know their IXL passwords and login information.

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Quotation and Comma Assignment

The students were given two sheets stapled together today.  One in on quotation marks and commas and the other one is on commas only.  They are to complete both tonight for homework.  We will go over them in class and the assignment counts as 1 homework and 1 daily grade.  


Thanks for your support!


Mr. Hollowell

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Roots 2 Study Words

I have attached the 2nd set of roots the students need to know.  They will be tested on them Monday. October 8, 2018.  Please have them study.  We made study cards in class.

Click the link below!!!

Vocab 2 match


or,er-  one who does


Also. the students need to be able to divide the following words into word parts and identify each part.

  1. biology
  2. autobiography
  3. microscope
  4. telegraph
  5. biography
  6. autograph
  7. telescope
  8. geologist
  9. hydrometer
  10. telegram
  11. program
  12. astrology


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Quiz and Test

Monday, September 24, 2018:

Story Element’s Quiz:  vocabulary, plot diagram, conflict, protagonist, antagonist.   The student constructed a fold-able study guide for the quiz.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018:

Roots and affixes test 1:

The students will have to match vocabulary, use application words, and spell and identify the following two challenge words:

capitulate:  ca-pit-u-late     To surrender

cantankerous:  can-tank-er-ous           very moody

Please study!  The vocabulary is listed in a previous post right here!   The students also got a hard copy for their notebooks.


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Hurricane Study Assignments!

Please study the vocabulary and read the Rain Forest Article…Then answer the related questions. 

 Vocabulary 1

Tropical Rain Forests

Rain forest article questions

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Welcome Everyone to English-6 2018-2019 School Year!

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