Waiting for Pottery

24 02 2010

Each day I am greated by smilng excited students looking for  their pottery.  Students in grades 2-5 have created a variety of pottery projects either cups bowl or plates.  They not only learned the process of making functional  pottery as well as all the the firing and glazing processes.  Each piece of pottery is fired once to harden the clay.  This is called the bisque firing.  Pieces being bisque fired can be stacked to fit in as many peices as possible.  when the students get the pieces back they get to add color to the pottery with underglaze a type of colored clay and then a coat of clear glaze is added on top.  Each piece is then fired in the kiln in the glaze firing.  Unfortunately none of the pieces may touch anthing else in the kiln or they will stick together, so the process of glaze firing takes much longer to complete. 

The students have done an outstanding job of createng their pottery and look forward to taking it home to use.  I appreciate their patience as I work to complete the firing process.

Hello world!

24 02 2010

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