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May 16 through 24

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Testing (8:25 -11:54) Tutoring (11:59-3:10)

May 16 – 1st  block – 2nd block

May 17 – 2nd block – 3rd block

May  20 –3rd block – 4th block

May 21 – 4th block – 5th block

May 22 – 5th block – 6th block

May 23 – 6th block – 7th block

May 24 – 7th block – 1st block

1.Temple Grandin movie – As we watched the movie, students took notes on how Christopher Boone and Temple Grandin are alike and different.

*** If you missed the movie, please read these two websites and complete the assignments:

2.Class work – Christopher and Temple – Complete handout

3.Homework – Christopher and Temple – Use the class work assignment to write a well-developed, one-paragraph essay about the similarities and differences of Christopher and Temple.  The paragraph should start with a good introductory statement about the two people.  The body of the paragraph should contain several examples of similarities and differences.  The paragraph should end with a conclusion sentence or two to summarize the main points and restate your main idea. (eight to ten sentences)

4. The class work and homework are due the next day.

5. Class work – Novel Entry 5 – Pages 177 to 226 – Two notes per page. Only one note for the first and the last pages.

6. We will use the time to make up any missing assignments.

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