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May 14/15

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1.Journal Entry 4

2.Read the rest of the novel: Begin Novel Entry 5


Journal Entry #4: Chapters 179-211 (Class work)

  1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences (6 points each):
  1. Why did Christopher decide he wanted to live with Mrs. Shears?
  2. How did Christopher decide to live with his mother in London?
  3. Why did Christopher decide he could not be an astronaut?
  4. How did Christopher handle the fear of traveling to London? (hint: it involves a formula)
  5. Why did Christopher become confused while he was looking for the train station?
  6. Why does Christopher not like new places?
  7. Why does Christopher like timetables?
  8. How did Christopher escape from the police officer?
  9. Why does Christopher not believe in God?
  10. Why did Christopher have trouble taking the train to Willesden?
    1. Essay – Explain one major problem Christopher had to solve in this section of the novel. Did Christopher follow all the rules and laws he was expected to follow? Is there ever a time when a person should not follow rules and laws? (20 points)(Write in a formal voice!)
  • Definitions (2 points each)
  1. luminous (126)
  2. negligible (127)
  3. inverse proportion (inverse function) (136)
  4. clarification (143)
  5. approximation (145)
  6. quid (151)
  7. timetable (155)
  8. rucksack (163)
  9. truncheon (163)
  10. mutation (165)

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