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May 6/7

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  1. Complete Journal Entry 3
  2. Read pages 126 through 177 (for the online book, read through Chapter 211)


Journal Entry #3: Chapters 149-173 (Class work)


  1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences and in a formal voice (6 points each):
  1. Why did Christopher want to find his book?
  2. Why was Christopher excited when he read the first letter from his mother?
  3. Why did Mr. Boone go out the night Christopher read the other letters?
  4. Why did Mrs. Boone start her affair with Roger Shears?
  5. Why did Mrs. Boone decide to leave Christopher and his father?
  6. How did Christopher react when he realized his mother was still alive?
  7. Why did Mr. Boone lie about his wife’s death?
  8. How are people like computers, according to Christopher?
  9. Why did Mr. Boone kill Wellington?
  10. How did Christopher feel about his father after the truth was revealed?
    1. Essay – Write a well-developed paragraph to explain how Christopher feels about lies and trust. Is it difficult to trust a family member or friend after you discover he or she has lied to you? What would you do if you were in Christopher’s situation? (You may answer this prompt in a first person voice, but do not use the word “you.”)(20 points)
  • Definitions: (2 points each)


  1. dustbin (91)
  2. post (95)
  3. chow (96)
  4. hypothetical (101)
  5. snooker (104)
  6. tether (107)
  7. plaster (108)
  8. giddy (112)
  9. nocturnal (120)
  10. schizophrenic (121)

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