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April 9/10

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Journal Entry #1: Chapters 2 – 71 (Class work)

This assignment was completed by students working in groups. Each student submitted his or her own class work.


  1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences (6 points each):
    1. Christopher’s reaction to Wellington’s death is different than readers might expect in what way?
    2. How did the policeman upset Christopher? How did Christopher react?
    3. How are prime numbers like life?
    4. How does Christopher feel about metaphors? Why?
    5. When is a simile a lie?
    6. Why does Christopher not tell lies?
    7. How does Christopher react to his mother’s death?
    8. Why does Christopher leave Mrs. Alexander’s yard?
    9. Why does Christopher think Mr. Shears killed Wellington?
    10. What type of school does Christopher attend?
  2. Connections – Give two examples of events in the novel which connected to your life or prior knowledge. Explain in detail what occurred in each event, how the event connected to your life, and how the connection helped you to understand each event better (10 points each).

(Example) – Christopher says he likes dogs because you always know what they are thinking. My family and I have had many dogs for pets, including two poodles named Henri and Jacques. They were intelligent dogs.

  • Definitions (from the dictionary): (2 points each)
  1. stimulus (5)
  2. white noise (8)
  3. dementia (13)
  4. slander (14)
  5. apocryphal (16)
  6. aneurysm (27)
  7. embolism (27)
  8. red herring (31)
  9. bloke (37)
  10. marzipan (41)

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