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April 11/12

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  1. Novel Entry 2 – Class work
    1. Create at least two notes for each page for pages 46 through 90. Only one note is needed for page 90 since the chapter ends in the middle of the page.
    2. Create it to look just like the list for pages 1 through 45:
      1. Mrs. Shears, neighbor (46)
        Wellington, dog
        killed by pitchfork
        large poodle (47)
        Christopher Boone
        Siobhan showed pictures
        Chris upset about pictures (48)
        hugs dead dog
        Mrs. Shears curses (49)
        Siobhan suggested novel
        Chris remembers details (50)
        likes dogs (NOTE* these are examples from pages 1 through 45. Do not copy them!)
    3. If you missed this class, read chapters 73 through 139 to be ready for class when you return from spring break.  The online version of the book can be found here:

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