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March 20/21

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  1. Persuasive Techniques notes and practice
    1. Bandwagon appeal – uses people’s desire to belong.
    2. Emotional appeal – appeal to pity, fear, vanity, greed, or other emotions.
    3. Ethical appeal – uses people’s sense of morality.
    4. Loyalty and patriotism appeal – sense of nation.
    5. Attacks and praise – attacking or praising an individual or group.
    6. Evidence – facts and figures to support a POV.
    7. Reason and logic – links ideas to develop an argument.
    8. Repetition and ParallelismUsing a word or phrase several times for emphasis or a series of similar words used together.
    9. Rhetorical Question A question with an implied but unstated answer.
      1. For each of the following quotes, identify at least one technique
        1. Romans, countrymen, lovers.
        2. Not that I loved … Rome more.
        3. As Caesar loved me … I slew him.
        4. Who is here so base … be a bondman?
        5. There is tears for his … death for his ambition.
        6. Brutus is an honorable man.
        7. You all did see … thrice refuse.
        8. What cause withholds you … mourn for him?
        9. O judgment … lost their reason.
        10. O masters! If I were … Cassius wrong.
        11. You are not wood … make you mad.
        12. Oh what a fall was there … over us.
  2. Test Review
      1. Study all of the questions for Acts I through III
      2. Study the twenty vocabulary words from the dialogue.
      3. Study the answers from the Shakespeare’s World class work.
      4. A protagonist moves the action forward. Who was the protagonist of Act I? Act II?  Act III?
      5. An antagonist works against the action. Who is the antagonist in Act I?
      6. Act I contains the exposition, which includes the characters, the setting and the basic problem.
      7. Act II contains the rising action, which contains a series of complications.
      8. Act III contains the climax and turning point.
  3. Time for projects
  4. Julius Caesar Test next class


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