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March 1/4

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  1. Finish Class work – Characterizations
  2. Read Act III (page 1238)
  3. Class work – Act III Questions

Scene 1

  1. What does the conversation between the Soothsayer and Caesar reveal about Caesar’s mood?
  2. What happens when Artemidorus tries to give Caesar his letter of warning? Explain everything that happens.
  3. Where is Antony during the assassination? Who distracted him?
  4. What does Metellus Cimber want from Caesar?
  5. How does Metellus help the conspirators?
  6. Why does Brutus tell the others to bathe their hands in Caesar’s blood?
  7. How do Brutus and Cassius react when Antony asks if he can speak at Caesar’s funeral? (Give each person’s response).
  8. What does Antony swear to Caesar’s dead body?

Scene 2

  1. How do the common people react to Caesar’s death?
  2. How does Brutus explain the assassination?
  3. How do the people react to Brutus’s speech?
  4. How does Antony turn the people against the conspirators without blaming them?
  5. Who is coming to Rome to help Antony fight the conspirators?

Scene 3

  1. What does this scene reveal about the common people of Rome after Antony’s speech?

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