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February 1/4

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  1. Homework is due – Dramatic Terms
  2. Shakespearean Dialogue – Class work:
    1. Write a dialogue between two or more characters in which you use the twenty words above. Underline the key words.  The dialogue must be at least one-page long.
      1. Example:
        1. An you are going to the kitchen, bring me a drink.
        2. Marry! Go for it yourself.
        3. Prithee, bring me a drink.
        4. Tell me wherefore I should help you.
      2. *The key word should be underlined only the first time you use it. Use all twenty of the key terms. Use no more than one key word per line of dialogue.
    2. Julius Caesar Act I – Read the Background information on page 1199, and then quietly read Act I.
    3. No Homework


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