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January 30/31

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  1. No Fear Shakespeare
  2. Shakespeare class work – Read pages 1186 through 1189 in the Literature textbook. Answer the following questions with good details and complete sentences.
    1. Where and when was William Shakespeare born?
    2. What is the Elizabethan Age and when did it take place?
    3. What is verse drama?
    4. What were the two names of Shakespeare’s theater company, and why did the name change?
    5. What was the name of Shakespeare’s theater?
    6. Who were the groundlings and how did they behave?
    7. When were performances held and why?
    8. Who were Shakespeare’s wife and children?
    9. Where did Shakespeare find the information for the play Julius Caesar?
    10. What are three reasons readers enjoy Shakespeare’s plays?
  3. Elizabethan Words
    1. NOTES: Copy the seventeen Elizabethan words and definitions from page 1192 into your notes. Add the following words:
      1. saucy – disrespectful
      2. ague – fever
      3. sad – serious
  1. Homework – Dramatic Terms – Define the following terms from page 1190 and R102
    1. Drama
    2. Tragedy
    3. Tragic hero
    4. Tragic flaw
    5. Comedy
    6. Props
    7. Dialogue
    8. Dramatic Monologue
    9. Soliloquy
    10. Aside



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