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January 8/9

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  1. Sentence Structures (This is a class work) – double-space the sentences – label all the subjects and verbs, label all the clauses, and label each sentence structure.
    1. Organizing the rummage sale, the Key Club requested donations from everyone at school.
    2. The club members accepted whatever was donated, but they welcomed housewares most.
    3. The principal donated a vacuum cleaner; the soccer coach contributed a set of dishes; and several of the teachers provided towels and sheets.
    4. The club sold almost everything that had been donated, and the members celebrated their success with pitchers of lemonade.
    5. Afterward, they gave all the profits that they had made from the sale to the city’s homeless shelter.
    6. The shelter’s employees were very grateful for the donations.
    7. They offered the members of the Key Club the chance to tour the facility.
    8. John took photos, and I interviewed both staff members and clients of the shelter.
    9. After we had finished our article, we took it to the editor of the school newspaper.
    10. The story was published in the next issue, and we received many compliments even though we hadn’t expected any praise.
  2. We also had a visit from Mr. Lomax about scheduling classes for next year. If you missed his presentation, see him for instructions.

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