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January 4/7

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  1. Idiom Homework is due
  1. Notes – Sentence Parts
    1. Independent and Subordinate clauses
  1. Independent Clause – A word group that contains a subject and a verb and that form a complete thought.
  2. Subordinate Clause – A word group that contains a subject and a verb but does contain a complete thought.
  1. NotesSentence Structures
    1. Simple – One [independent] clause
  1. Example – The boy walked down the street.
  2. Example – The boy and girl walked down the street.
  • Example – The boy walked and ran down the street.
    1. Compound – Two or more [independent] clauses.
  1. Example – I wanted to leave early, but I had to stay for a meeting.
  2. Example – The student drove to Starbucks, and he bought an expensive coffee, but he left it on the hood of his car.
    1. Complex – One [independent] clause and at least one (subordinate) clause.
  1. Example – [Many people think (that hot air balloon rides are fun.)]
  2. Example – (Since my mother is afraid of heights), [she will not ride in a balloon.]
    1. Compound/Complex – At least two [independent] clauses and one (subordinate) clause.
  1. Example – (Although he fell from the ladder),[ the carpenter did not hurt himself,] and [he climbed up again.]
  2. [The man (who stole my sandwich) upset me]; therefore, [I poisoned him!]
  1. Sentence Structure Practice
    1. The man who taught me guitar showed me how to read music.
  1. The old woman lived in a house beside the giant tree.
  2. Brown bought a ladder which was ten-feet tall, and

then he cleaned his gutters.

  1. We will fly to Barcelona, and we will eat tapas.
  2. Since Jasmine won the lottery, she bought ten cars

and two houses.



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