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December 13/14

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  1. Review Prepositional Phrases CW
  2. Grammar Practice
    1. Double space the sentences below and label the parts of the sentence: s, hv, av, lv, io, do, pa, pn.  Also underline prepositional phrases.
    2. Note: Parts of the sentence will never be in a prepositional phrase!
      1. The rules of Monopoly sound complicated.
      2. The Redskins and the Chargers played football yesterday.
      3. Some people grow vegetables in their gardens.
      4. Always wash your dishes after dinner.
      5. The large yellow flowers smell nice.
      6. Many people from the southern states enjoy iced tea with their meals.
      7. Two of my brothers were born in Virginia.
      8. The man in the car may have been watching the game on his phone.
      9. There are many flowers in the yard.
      10. Inside the hotel safe, the millionaire kept her cash and jewelry.
    3. Grammar Test Prep Handout – click here for the answers: Grammar Test Prep 2018 Key
    4. Grammar Test next class

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