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November 29/30

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  1. Grammar Quiz
  2. Poetry Review and notes
    1. The key notes we took in our class room discussion were about the structure of the five poems you read and discussed for class work:
      1. “Ex-Basketball Player” pg. 776
        1. Free-verse poem
        2. Theme: People who do not continue to challenge themselves throughout life will not be successful.
      2. “Those Winter Sundays” pg. 256
        1. Free-verse poem
        2. Lyric poem – expresses regret
        3. Theme: Love may be expressed in different ways.
      3. “The Gift” pg. 254
        1. Free-verse poem
        2. Lyric poem – expresses gratitude
        3. Theme: Sometimes people learn lessons better when they are shown instead of being told.
      4. “The Fish” pg. 796
        1. Free-verse poem
        2. Lyric poem – expresses admiration
        3. Theme: People will respect and admire others who have proven themselves.
      5. “Mending Wall” pg. 890
        1. Blank verse
        2. Theme: Nature wants to break down boundaries; people like boundaries to prevent fights over land and possessions.
  3. Poetry Terms Quiz next class


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