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October 3/4

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  1. Vocabulary for Quiz next class
    1. Conscientiously – Carefully following the rules
    2. Contrition – Being sorry for sins
    3. Promontories – A high point of land or rock projecting into a body of water
    4. Supplication – To ask humbly, especially to pray to God
    5. placid – calm; tranquil
    6. luxuriate – take great pleasure
    7. administered – given, applied
    8. premises – house or building and its surrounding property
    9. consoling – comforting
    10. hospitality – friendly, caring treatment of guests
    11. vigilance – alert attention, watchfulness
    12. wince – to shrink or flinch involuntarily, especially in pain
    13. consternation – confused amazement or fear
    14. cower – to crouch down in fear
    15. synchronize – to match the timing of
    16. neutralize – to counteract or cancel the effect of
    17. furtive -sneaky, secretive
    18. recompose – to restore to calm
    19. doctrine – a set of rules, beliefs, or values held by a group
    20. heritage – something passed down through generations, such as tradition, values, property
  2. Notes on Irony and Ambiguity
    1. Verbal Irony – Someone says something but means the opposite.
      Situational Irony – Readers expect something to happen, but the opposite happens.
      Dramatic Irony – Readers know something the characters in the story do not expect.
      Ambiguity – A situation which may be interpreted in two or more ways. An uncertain ending is ambiguous.
  3. Read “Lamb to the Slaughter” –
  4. “Lamb” Notes – Create a page of notes as you did for “Through the Tunnel”

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