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October 1/2

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October 1/2

  1. POV Homework is due
  2. “Through the Tunnel” Notes
  3. Class Discussion
  4. Writing in Formal Voice Notes
    1. Write complete sentences.
      Avoid the use of personal pronouns (I, me, you, he, she, they)
      You may use “I” and “me” if you are talking about your personal                experiences, but you should NEVER write “I think that …” or “                 in my opinion” because the readers already know you think it and it sounds weaker.
      3.  Do not use “you.”  Instead of “you”, write “one”, “people”, or “readers”
      4.  DO NOT use contractions (write “there is” instead of “there’s)
      These are some words you may not know are slang: mom, dad, kid, stuff, things, guys, yeah, kinda, tv, fridge, hanging out.
      6. NEVER use the words “get, got, gotten, really, very, hopefully, definitely, or actually.”
      7. Avoid double negatives like “I don’t have no money!”
      8. The word “so” does not mean “very.”  Do not write, “I am so hungry!” Instead, write, “I am starving” or “I am famished.”
      9. Write out numbers that have three or fewer syllables.  Write “ninety-nine” instead of 99.
  5. Formal Voice CW
    1. Rewrite the following sentences in a formal voice.

      Example: I am so hungry!
      1. I am famished!

      1.  The workers didn’t know it’s gonna rain.
      2.  Me and my mom got two tickets for the movie.
      3. The guy jetted down the road in his car.
      4. When you go to the beach, you feel so hot.
      5.  I’ve got 17 dogs in my house.
      6.  One of the things on my smart phone is Facebook.
      7.  I got a drink out of the fridge and chilled on the porch.
      8.  Mrs. Jones is very fat, and it is really hard for her to climb stairs.
      9.  When you write in a formal voice, you won’t sound uneducated.
      10.  Did my mom and dad actually get a new TV?

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