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September 27/28

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      1. Short Story Quiz – If you missed the quiz, see me or Mr. Sood to arrange a make-up time.
      2. Point of View – Notes
        1. Read pages 302 of the Literature book. In your notes, answer the following questions:
        2. What is an omniscient point of view?
        3. What is the difference between first person and third person narration?
        4. What limits a first person narrator?
        5. What are the key elements of an author’s voice? (See diction (R105))
        6. What is the difference between tone (R114) and mood (R109)?
      3. “Through the Tunnel” –
        1. Vocabulary –
          1. Conscientiously – Carefully following the rules
          2. Contrition – Being sorry for sins
          3. Promontories – A high point of land or rock projecting into a body of water
          4. Supplication – To ask humbly, especially to pray to God
        2. Notes – Create a page of notes with four blocks:
          1. Setting and Time Frame
          2. Characters and Vocabulary
          3. Conflict and Complications
          4. Resolution and Theme
      4. Homework – POV Homework
        1. Briefly explain in complete sentences the point of view for each of the following stories:
          1. “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” – 31
          2. “ Everyday Use” – 48
          3. “ Harrison Bergeron” – 36


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