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September 19/20

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  1. We issued textbooks today. Please see me if you were absent!
  2. Character Terms Homework
    1. Let’s think about the character terms we can apply to George Bergeron:
      1. George Bergeron is a flat character because readers only know that he is kind and intelligent. He is a static character because he does not change in the story.
      2. George Bergeron is not a protagonist or antagonist because he does not move the action forward or work against the action. He is not a stock character because he does not act like the stock “father” character.
    2. Assignment: Character Terms –
      1. For each of the following characters, explain the character terms which can be applied: (two sentences each)
        1. Mama Johnson (pg 50)
        2. John Thomas (pg 50)
        3. Dee (Wangero) (pg 50)
        4. Maggie (pg 50)
        5. Harrison Bergeron (pg 38)
    3. “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant.” – Page 31 in the textbook
    4. Short Story Class work – Answer the following questions in complete sentences:
      1. Where is the story set?
      2. What is the age difference between the narrator and Sheila?
      3. What activities does the narrator enjoy?
      4. What is the conflict?
      5. When does the climax occur?
      6. What part of the plot happens when the narrator cuts the fishing line?
      7. What lesson does the narrator learn from his experience?
      8. What character terms apply to Sheila?
      9. What character terms apply to the narrator?
      10. What character terms apply to Eric Caswell?
    5. Steps to a Theme notes:
      1. A theme is an insight about life or human nature which gives a story meaning.
      2. Follow these steps for finding a theme:
        1. How does a main character change?
        2. How is the conflict resolved?
        3. What is the significance of the title?

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