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May 31/ June 1

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  1. Novel Test
  2. Start Novel Themes Essay1.Follow the outline on your notes

    2.Double-space the essay.

    3.Write at least six sentences per paragraph.

    4.Write in a formal tone.

    5.Do not use quotes from the novel to write ideas for you.  If you want to quote a few words from the novel as part of your sentence, explain what the quote means in your own words!

    1. Examples of using quotes:
      1. Christopher knew he could not live with his father because he was afraid of him. Christopher wrote, “Father had murdered Wellington. That meant he could murder me” (Haddon 122).

        Christopher was able to face his fear of strange places because it was balanced with his fear of his father. He explained he was both “frightened of being far away from a place I was used to” and “frightened of being near where Father lived”, “so the total fear remained a constant” (Haddon 136).

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