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May 15 through 25

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  1. Novel Quiz 3
  2. Finish reading the novel

Schedule for the next eight days:

Testing (8:25 -11:54) Tutoring (11:59-3:10)

May 16 – Extended 1st block for tutoring (8:25-10:55)

May 17 – 1st  block May 17- 2nd block

May 18 – 2nd block May 18 – 3rd block

May  21 –3rd block May 21- 4th block

May 22 – 4th block May 22- 5th block

May 23 – 5th block May 23- 6th block

May 24 – 6th block May 24- 7th block

May 25 – 7th block May 25- regular bell

Class work – Christopher and Temple

We watched the movie Temple Grandin and compared Christopher’s behavior with Temple’s.

Create three columns for a Venn diagram about Christopher Boone and Temple Grandin.

Create notes to show differences and similarities:

Christopher Both Temple
Male Autistic Female
Fictional Hate loud noises Real person

Homework – Christopher and Temple

Use the class work assignment to write a well-developed, one-paragraph essay about the similarities and differences of Christopher and Temple.  The paragraph should start with a good introductory statement about the two people.  The body of the paragraph should contain several examples of similarities and differences.  The paragraph should end with a conclusion sentence or two to summarize the main points and restate your main idea. (eight to ten sentences)


Class work and Homework – Christopher and Temple
If you missed the movie, please read these two websites and complete the assignments:

On the second day we met, students completed a group classwork: The title is Themes.

List ten theme topics for the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. These must be approved by me first.

List five themes developed by your group and approved by me.


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