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March 26/27

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  1. Projects are due next class!
  2. Participial, Gerund, and Infinitive Phrases
    1. Hearing the morning alarm is always unpleasant. Gerund phrase/subject
    2. Hearing the doorbell, the maid ran to the front door. Participial phrase/ maid
    3. My mother wore hearing aids after her surgery. Participle/ aids
    4. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Gerund phrase/ object of the preposition “to”
  3. Identify how each underlined infinitive or infinitive phrase is used in the sentence:
    1. The pitcher is the one to watch in baseball. Adjective, describes the pronoun “one”
    2. To avoid mistakes, think before you act!                                Adverb, describes the verb “think”
    3. I want to lose weight, but all I want is to eat. Noundirect object / Noun – predicate nominative
    4. Some students are quick to learn their lessons. Adverb, describes the adjective “quick”
  4. Complete Review F on page 461 according to the instructions in the book. Only write the number and the part of the sentence as your answer.
  5. Grammar Test next class

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