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March 20 – 23

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  1. Projects are due March 27th (odd) and 28th (even)!
  2. Parts of the Sentence CW – double-space the sentences and label the underlined words with one of these abbreviations: s, av, lv, hv, pa, pn, io, do.
    1. Have you ever met a robot?
    2. In the field of robotics, scientists have built vastly complex robots.
    3. Today, these machines are put to work in factories, laboratories, and outer space.
    4. How were these complex machines first used?
    5. There are a number of interesting early examples of robots at work.
    6. One of the first robots was a mechanical figure in a clock tower.
    7. It raised a hammer and struck a bell every hour.
    8. At the 1939 New York World’s Fair, Elektro and Sparko were very popular attractions.
    9. Elektro was tall, more than seven feet high.
    10. Electric motors gave Elektro power for a variety of amazing tricks.
    11. Sparko was Elektro’s dog.
    12. Sparko could bark and even wag his tail.
    13. Today, some of the simplest robots are the drones in laboratories.
    14. Basically, drones are extensions of the human arm.
    15. They can be useful in many different ways.
  3. Active Voice Practice – NOTES – rewrite the following sentence into active voice.
    1. The motorcycle was rebuilt by the aging hippie.
    2. Hamlet was written by Shakespeare.
    3. Our house is being painted.
    4. I am paid weekly.
    5. When the chef was in the kitchen, the chicken was stuffed inside the duck, which was stuffed inside the turkey.
    6. Mistakes were made in the Clinton administration.
    7. Attacked by lions, the baby gazelle was eaten in minutes.
    8. The newspaper was cut into tiny strips so the artist could make a sculpture.
    9. The bus was driven into the wall next to the church.
    10. The governor was elected by eighty percent of the voters.

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