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March 1-2

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  1. Act III Test
  2. Passive and Active Voice Class work
    1. Read pages 601 – 604 in the Language books. Complete Exercises 15, 16, and the sentences below. Change all passive-voice sentences into active voice. (If you missed the class, you will need to see me for Exercises 15 and 16)
      1. The large vase was broken by the running child.
      2. Most of her jewelry remains in a safe by her bed.
      3. The poster was designed by ten members of the class.
      4. Despite the blizzard, no snow was predicted by the local weatherman.
      5. Usain Bolt won the race by ten yards.
      6. Several tests were ordered by the doctor for the ill patient.
      7. After heavy rainfall, some old trees can be easily toppled by wind.
      8. According to scientists, the rainforest will disappear by 2050.
      9. Stone Mountain in Georgia and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota were both sculpted by Gutzon Borglum.
      10. The lost hiker was located by the rescue team after three days.

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