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February 23 – 26

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  1. Class work -Act III questions
    1. Scene 1 – Page 1238
        1. What happens when Artemidorus tries to give Caesar his letter of warning?
        2. Where is Antony during the assassination?
        3. Why is Metellus Cimber pleading with Caesar?  
        4. Why does Brutus tell the others to bathe their hands in Caesar’s blood?
        5. How do Brutus and Cassius react when Antony asks if he can speak at Caesar’s funeral?
        6. What does Antony swear to Caesar’s dead body?

      Scene 2

        1. How do the common people react to Caesar’s death?
        2. How does Brutus explain the assassination?  
        3. How does Antony turn the people against the conspirators without blaming them?  

      Scene 3

        1. What does this scene reveal about the common people of Rome after Antony’s speech?  
  2. Rhetorical Techniques
    1. Bandwagon appeal – uses people’s desire to belong.
    2. Emotional appeal – appeal to pity, fear, vanity, greed, or other emotions.
    3. Ethical appeal – uses people’s sense of morality.
    4. Loyalty and patriotism appeal – sense of nation.
    5. Attacks and praise – attacking or praising an individual or group.
    6. Evidence – facts and figures to support a POV.
    7. Reason and logic – links ideas to develop an argument.
    8. Repetition and ParallelismUsing a word or phrase several times for emphasis or a series of similar words used together.
    9. Rhetorical Question A question with an implied but unstated answer.
  3. Homework – Identify and give examples of at least three rhetorical devices Antony used in his funeral speech. Write your response as a paragraph.

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