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February 9-12

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  1. Homework is due – Act I questions
  2. Julius Caesar Act I Reading – As a class, we read Act I aloud and discussed the main points.
    1. These study questions will prepare you for the quiz next class:
      1. Who are Marullus and Flavius?
      2. Why are the nobles upset?
      3. Who is Caesar’s best friend?
      4. What is the Feast of Lupercal?
      5. How does Caesar respond to the Soothsayer?
      6. What are the ides of March?
      7. What does Caesar do when Antony offers him a crown?
      8. What are omens?
      9. What omens did Casca, Cassius, and Cicero discuss?
      10. What could the omens mean?
  3. Quiz next class on Act I


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