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January 2/3

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  1. Evaluating Persuasive Essays – Read pages 646 through 650 in the Literature textbook. As you read the article “Abolishing the Penny Makes Good Sense,” complete the chart on page 647 in your notes.
  2. Class workPersuasive Essay
    1. Answer questions 1 through 10 on page 651 in complete sentences. Do not copy the questions; use key words from the questions to make your answers clear.
      1. For example, question 1 asks “what is the author’s opinion of the penny?” Since the author’s name is Alan Blinder, your answer should include the words “Blinder” and “penny.”
  3. Homework – Title: “On Nuclear Disarmament”
    1. Read pages 654 through 659.
    2. Write a paragraph to explain why you think our country should or should not disarm our nuclear weapons. Include several reasons or facts to support your position.

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