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January 11/12

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  1. Homework is due (I have extended this assignment until next class) – Title: “On Nuclear Disarmament” – Read pages 654 through 659. Write a paragraph to explain why you think our country should or should not disarm our nuclear weapons. Include several reasons or facts to support your position.
  2. Notes on Writing a Persuasive Essay
    1. A persuasive essay is usually written as a six-paragraph essay:
      1. Introduction – Explanation of the basic issue and your position. Start with an interesting fact.
      2. First argument
        1. Fact 1
        2. Fact 2
      3. Second argument
        1. Fact 1
        2. Fact 2
      4. Third argument
        1. Fact 1
        2. Fact 2
      5. One opposing argument and a rebuttal.
      6. Conclusion: Summary of the arguments for your position and a call to action.
    2. Persuasive Essay Pre-write – (Class work assignment)
      1. Should our high school hours be changed to 9:25 until 4?
      2. Should the driving age be raised to twenty-one?
      3. Who is the best football team this season?
        1. Chose one of the topics above or one of your own that I approve and create a pre-write for a six-paragraph essay. Include three arguments for your position on the issue and one good argument for the opposite side. Briefly explain why the opposite argument is not as strong as your arguments. Create an outline that follows your notes.

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